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Utilities to deal with calendar files
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Small tools for working with calendar files:

calimport           Convert an ics file to the calendar format
calexport           Convert a calendar file to ics
calfilter           Filter out messages by date
calrepeat           Expand frequent events
calscan             Format a calendar file
calpick             Pick events from stdin
calsort             Sort input by date
calnew              Create a new calendar entry


<frequency> <year/month/day> <hour:minute> <summary>

where frequency is one of:

  • . for singular,
  • d for daily,
  • w for weekly,
  • m for monthly
  • or x for canceled events.

The time might also be a . for an all day event.

A working example:

$ calnew 12/06 18:00 "Update this README"
. 2019/12/06 18:00 Update this README

Usage Example

$ calrepeat calendar.txt | calsort | calfilter | calscan
>   1   Fri 06.12 18:00  Update this README
        Sat 07.12
    2   Sun 08.12 10:00  Meet someone

There is also a bash script, calblaze.sh, that uses all of the utilities to manage events from the command line.