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File based irc client with ssl support
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This is a fork of tools.suckless.org/ii.

ii is a minimalistic FIFO and filesystem based IRC client. It creates an irc directory tree with server, channel and nick name subdirectories. Every directory contains a FIFO (in) and a normal file (out).

The in file is used to communicate with the servers, while the out files store the server messages.

The basic idea of this is to be able to communicate with an IRC server with standard command line tools.


Edit config.mk to match your local setup. ii is installed into /usr/local by default.

Then, to build and install ii (if necessary as root):

$ make clean install

Running ii

Simply invoke ii with required arguments.

For Example:

$ ii -i ~/.irc -n tutti -s irc.fusch.online

This will create the following directory tree:

$ tree ~/.irc
└── irc.fusch.online
    ├── in
    └── out

You can join for example #git by writing `/join #git' into the server FIFO:

$ echo "/join #git" > ~/.irc/irc.fusch.online/in
$ tree ~/.irc
└── irc.fusch.online
    ├── #git
    │   ├── in
    │   └── out
    ├── in
    └── out

New messages to #git will be appended to ~/.irc/irc.fusch.online/#git/out

$ tail -f ~/.irc/irc.fusch.online/\#git/out

You can write a message to #git just the same way:

$ echo "hello, anybody here?" > ~/.irc/irc.fusch.online/\#git/in