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Convert markdown to pdf letters using pandoc
git clone git://git.fusch.online/md2ltr
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md2ltr is a bash script to convert markdown files to formated pdf letters.

It uses latex via pandoc and expects the following strict, not runtime checked file format:

Sender Name
Sender Address
Sender City

Recipient Name
Recipient Address
Recipient City


Opening line,

body of the message.

Closing line


Everything but the body of the message must only be a single line. Unused Lines must be left empty as their line number is important.

The style of the produced letter can be changed by modifying the latex template md2ltr.latex. A different template can be used by supplying the -t flag.

If no input files are given on the command line, stdin is used.

More information about Koma-Script, the latex package that does most of the work, can be found here.