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maildir to static html converter
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Render messages as static html


$ git clone
$ cd minbox
$ go build
$ go install


Using the fantastic mblaze, creating a sorted, threaded listing of all mails in <maildir> is as simple as:

$ mlist <maildir> | msort -d | mthread | minbox in.html > index.html

A maildir can also be passed by using the -m flag:

$ minbx -m <maildir> in.html > index.html

in.html is a required go html template. Copy and edit it to achieve the desired output.

Additionally, these flags will produce the following files in the current directory:

-f          an rss/atom file (atom.xml)
-b          an mbox file containing all mails (inbox.mbox)
-r          a raw text file for each message (message-id.txt)

These flags set information for the rss/atom feed:

-a "auhor"
-e "email"
-d "description"
-l "link"