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Generate m3u playlists from podcast feeds
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Generate m3u playlists from podcast feeds.

Use it with pod for a completely file based podcast client.

A fork of MPD-Podcast-Playlist-Generator.


mppg depends on bash, curl, xsltproc and rsync.

Copy m̀ppg somewhere into your $PATH:

$ cp mppg ~/.local/bin/

Export PODCAST_DIR to change the location where the playlists will be saved (default: ~/.podcasts):

$ export PODCAST_DIR=~/.local/share/podcasts

The config file (either $PODCASTS, the first command line argument or ~/.config/mppg/config by default) should consist of lines in the following format:

name link (exclude)

Have a look at config for an example. Feeds where the exclude field is filled won’t show up in .new.m3u.


$ mppg <config>

This will generate one m3u file per config line as well as one playlist (.new.m3u) which lists all episodes from all feeds sorted by most recent.

A crontab entry to update the playlists every 30 minutes:

$ crontab -l
*/30 * * * *    mppg