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Cli to wfmu.org freeform radio
git clone git://git.fusch.online/wfmu
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cli to wfmu.org freeform radio


requires go and mercurial (for goquery)

go get github.com/hbkk/wfmu


the current playlist:

wfmu playlist

the current track:

wfmu track

schedule for today:

wfmu schedule

comments for current show:

wfmu comments

archives of current show:

wfmu archive

10 most recent “seven second delay” episodes:

wfmu archive -n 10 sd

mp3 link for “The Green Show”:

wfmu link 59075

schedule for monday:

wfmu schedule monday

comments, link or playlist for a show by id:

wfmu comments [id]
wfmu link [id]
wfmu playlist [id]